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    • Of course they are.

      And they want us to forgo coal, wood, peat or oil for our home heating in go electric.

      Talk about putting all your eggs in one basket!

    • When there's no power, that's exactly what everyone with an electric car will have to do.  Failing that attach some shafts and harness.  I know a man who has a couple of horses to sell.

    • Oh yes – those electric cars that they're going to start dredging huge quantities of the sea-floor to get the chemicals for?  You know – those oceans that everyone's so concerned about because they're full of plastic rubbish chucked out by all those eco-friendly "recycling" boats?  So now, just as we start thinking about clearing up what's floating on top of the ocean, we're going to start hacking away at the million-year-old bottom of it.  That'll do loads for that natural ocean environment they they all claim to care so much about, won't it?  Insanity.  All to keep the swivel-eyed Climate Change adherents happy.  God, I wish they'd make up their minds – either they care about the planet or they don't (I suspect the latter, but none of them are brave enough to admit it).  On the plus side, at least the Irish blackouts have come before they've managed to foist too many of the damned new-fangled machines on us all!

  1. Could those peat burning ones not be converted to burn American* forests, or have the dastardly English cornered the market. Drax! (sounds like a good swear word.)

    *North America. Burning N. American forests good – save the poly-bear, coral etc. And gives money to Yanks.

    Burning South American forests bad – stops poly-bears breeding and then out of frustration they eat the coral. And Yanks do not get any money.

    • Actually they are trying to regulate wood burning stoves and fireplaces with the eventual goal of banning them. Add to that the government is firmly in control of the power companies dictating their policies and pricing. 

  2. I get a zero carbon emission electricity from EDF.

    Of course, Ireland is nuclear free. Except there is an interconnector with the North. And the North has an interconnector with Scotland. And Scotland is part of a British national grid.

  3. Seems I buggered the e-mail address grandad so posting again with the correct one, oh dear.

    The National Grid which in turn has interconnectors with France , Belgium and the Netherlands. France of course is shutting down its nuclear power stations so a cascade affect may well come into play.

    The green green grass

    We already have interconnectors linking us to France, Belgium and the Netherlands and each year they power five million homes with clean energy. We’re working on two more interconnectors to link us with Norway and Denmark, and by 2030 90% of the energy imported by our interconnectors will be from zero carbon energy sources.

  4. Our emissions record is absolutely appalling, helped by the absurd 2008 car tax regulations (essentially penalising anyone who has the audacity not to purchase a new car), brought to us by the useless virtue-signalling Greens. Did I say useless, I was wrong. They are worse than useless, they actively cause harm. Are they actually secretly in the payroll of the oil companies, or are they just utterly stupid and incompetent? What type of an idiot even votes for them – IIRC, their vote share has been trickling upwards in recent elections.

    As for cycling – ok, the cycle to work scheme probably was a good idea – I'm all for it, but most people aren't, simply because we live in one of the rainiest parts of one of the rainiest corners of Europe. 

    We should have gone nuclear decades ago, IIRC there was a proposal mooted by someone or toher to develop a nuke plant at Carnsore Point, but the virtue signallers (yeah, I know, the expression didn't exist back then) killed that one stone dead. Arseholes.

    • Indeed, I remember the Carnsore protests, though I took no part in them.  I'd be all on for nuclear power.  After all, we already have the shit from Windscale [sorry – Sellafield] in the Irish Sea so we might as well have the benefits as well.

      Cycling is grand in a flat country like Holland.  Wicklow is slightly different…..

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