Patience — 3 Comments

    • Maps are more out of date than the SatNav!  And suppose I suddenly decide to drive to Andorra?  Where would I get the maps for that little trip?

  1. Everything is made complicated nowadays to force us to move to the latest and *cough* greatest versions.

    Paypal has added a layer of protection that means I need a phone.  I don't have one so I can't get in.  they have now changed the T&Cs to charge me if I don't use them.  Now they will take my cash because I can't get in to get it.

    My Satnav is exactly the same.  They had a W7 version to flash the SatNat that they could just leave but No, they would that fart around with some extra useless *cough* enhancements than to keep something useful going.

    The list goes on.

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