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  1. Err, Grandad – you have heard of “The Great Reset” ? It’s like a Conspiracy Theory, except that the Conspirators are open about it.

    It’s like a Global Soviet Utopia and it’s coming our way soon if they have their way – which they probably will. No more inequality, no more cars or fossil fuels; everything will be Green and Sustainable, just like Greta said. We won’t need toxic individual rights and freedoms anymore because government round the world will be safe in the hands of technocratic elites…

    (actually, not a joke, see Delingpole’s piece on Breitbart and check the references)

  2. Isn’t this what James Lovelock was suggesting when he wrote about the Gaia Principle fifty years ago?

    There’s a telling line in Nevil Shute’s “On the Beach,” where a scientist comments, “It’s not the end of the world – it’s only the end of us.”

  3. gareth is 100% correct all these clowns in government are now taking their orders from The World Economic Forum to implement The Great Reset. All small businesses to be ruined only international companies will be allow to do business, Note in the UK lockdown all small business are forced to close, pubs cafes ect, while McDonald's and Amazon are allowed to do business. The Amazon delivery person can visit 50 homes no risk there I quess.    Also note the clowns forcing this lockdown are all still getting THEIR full pay ….. the politicians, their so called advisers. all civil servants, the cops who are loving their job bulling the public so well. In the UK 12,000 BBC staff are sitting on their ar%$@ at home for the last few months getting full pay.

    All funded by the good old tax payer.  


  4. So we're done for, yes? Well, good enough. Laurie and I have always said that we needed to go together so neither of us would be left behind and The Great Reset as good a way as any. Just as long as we don't notice the reboot I'm fine with it.

    Should I go out and buy toilet paper now? Just wondering.

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