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  1. From what I have read it is more likely that they cannot restock at normal prices.

    Plus they probably expect more mainly peaceful protests passing through the aisles.

    They still have them for sale, but by special arrangement, and price.

    Fortunately UK has no gun crime thanks to our very strict gun laws.

    Yesterdays rant. You were only saying what I think, and although I am unable to listen to your Joe here in Scotland we have his equivalent droning on scaring the bejasus out of old women.

  2. Walmart is a super store that carries just about everything. They stop selling most guns many years ago. A few still sell shotguns and hunting rifles. The main purpose of the story was "virtue signalling", showing how "woke" they are in hopes that the mob will destroy them later instead of destroying them now.  

    Guns are no longer need by criminals as we are being trained to simply stand aside and let them take whatever they want knowing that our police will seldom arrest them and if they do the courts will not prosecute them. Stores in most cities are regularly rob by people just walking and emptying entire shelves in a large bag and walk out. Some stores put the most commonly taken items in locked cases, but had to stop doing so because it was "racist".  

    I expect that preventing gun sales and ownership will get rid of criminal use of guns about as well as making drugs illegal did to get rid of drugs.

  3. The only people in the UK who have no trouble getting hold of guns are those who wear fancy dress and those naughty boys who run about now and again creating mayhem that justifies the existence of the fancy dress wearers. Of course Isis/Musselmen/ALKY ada and all such related types of terrapin no longer have easy access to guns hence the knife and van being brought into play as weapons of terra.

    As for redundancy, you can fuck off with that notion. You are one of the few people who keep me sane!

  4. I found this

    Good innit!

    Britain, you deserve this. Good and hard.
    October 5, 2020    / 3 Comments

    I always had a bit of a misanthropic streak, I’ll admit.

    But for a long time it was sublimated by a desire to see the best in people, despite all evidence to the contrary. After all, one has to ‘get along’ in the workplace, in social settings and in relationships, which is difficult if every encounter assumes you’re dealing with a total fucking moron or a malignant sociopath.

    But now that we have no society and the likelihood of going into the office ever again has fallen by the wayside, there’s really no reason to play along anymore, is there?

    There is no relationship at all between observable reality and the Cathedral‘s self-serving version of ‘the truth’. You know it, I know it. We all know it. But there’s a dancing nurse on TikTok, the premiership transfer window is just about to close and the dog’s been sick on the baby again, so this will have to wait.

    Even supposedly intelligent people have their own preoccupations, so are easily bamboozled by the blizzard of stats, models, announcements, rules, changes of rules, IT failures and opinions dressed up as fact.

    And thus people pop on their blinkers and choose to believe that the government has it all under control, and they just need to do their bit and wear a mask. Our is not to reason why etc.

    They ignore that when government takes away liberties, they never ever give them back. They ignore that the government is known to use behavioural psychology (‘nudge’) on us to manipulate us into thinking that what is is their best interests is also in our own best interests. They ignore that politicians’ only fundamental concern is power.

    It doesn’t matter if the robocop police batter peaceful protestors or break up a 10 year old’s birthday party, or arrest a pregnant woman in front of her children and drag her off in handcuffs. It doesn’t matter if suspicion, mistrust and a culture of snitching is foisted onto a ‘society’ that is more and more fragmented every day even without this.

    It doesn’t matter if muzzles do more harm than good in a non-surgical setting. It doesn’t matter if righteous citizens physically assault those who don’t wear a muzzle.  It doesn’t matter if people are unable to get routine dental care and health check-ups. It doesn’t matter if cancers go undiagnosed. It doesn’t matter if people who were already in an NHS queue have their treatments further delayed. It doesn’t matter if some of those people die. It doesn’t matter if suicide rates go through the roof.

    It doesn’t matter if hard-working people are taxed to death to pay for all the handouts. It doesn’t matter if a lot of those handouts are going to the unscrupulous and the fraudulent. It doesn’t matter if large parts of the economy are destroyed forever. It doesn’t matter if an economic collapse leads to a financial collapse, taking millions of pensions with it.

    It doesn’t matter if thousands died in care homes because the NHS discharged covid patients into care homes in its own narrow interests. It doesn’t matter if the dying are prevented from seeing their loved ones. It doesn’t matter if Christenings, weddings and funerals as we knew them are practically impossible. It doesn’t matter if children are treated in dehumanising ways. It doesn’t matter if students are forced to borrow tens of thousands of pounds for education they’re not getting and accomodation they’re being barracaded into, to prepare them for jobs that will never exist.

    It doesn’t matter if the government forces you and your children to have a hastily brewed vaccination that’s at best useless and at worst deadly. It doesn’t matter if you remember Factor 8 and Thalidomide.

    I could go on, but none of it matters.

    If there was more than a handful of malcontents who were prepared to say “no, I’m not fucking playing this game” then we might have a shot at putting an end to all this malevolence.

    But there aren’t, so we don’t.

        “We can ignore reality, but we cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.”― Ayn Rand

    As a nation we will face the consequences. All of us. People will blame the politicians. But who keeps voting for them? People will blame the media. But who keeps paying to watch and read them? Who keeps buying the things their advertisers sell?

    The only power any of us has is to refuse to the extent that it is legal.

    You needn’t wear a muzzle – the exemptions are wide open and legal. But you still do, don’t you?

    You needn’t pay money that funds the BBC, the Times, the Telegraph, the Spectator, the Daily Mail etc. But you still do, don’t you?

    You needn’t spend money in establishments that are taking an unreasonable approach to all this. But you still do, don’t you?

    You needn’t accomodate people in your life who have swallowed the official story hook line and sinker. But you still do, don’t you?

    You needn’t vote for any of these political parties. But you still do, don’t you?

    Even the sceptic community is a waste of time. Wall-to-wall pedants, pettifoggers and tinfoil hats, who continuously lose sight of the core issue and the root cause.

    Humanity deserves no better than this. Therefore I’m out.


  5. Well, there's Walmart and then there's the Walmart Superstore that sells just about everything you need from groceries, TVs, gardening supplies, hardware and yes, guns and ammo. I doubt our Walmart will be stripping the rifles, shotguns and ammo anytime soon though as Vermont is not one of those "violent" areas where "civil unrest" has reared it's ugly head. Why? Because everyone is armed. Kind of like the Cold War motto–Mutually Assured Destruction.

    Walmart did strip it's shelves of handguns about a year ago but that's okay. There's a lovely "sports" store less than a 5 minute drive from my house that sells just about everything you need to start a minor revolution. Plus, Vermont has little or no gun laws so to speak. You do have to wear a mask to get into it of course, but coming out armed to the teeth and wearing a mask has a certain charm all it's own?

  6. Wasn't it Boris' father Stanley who was on the reality TV show?

    Boris would be too lazy for such an enterprise. I heard that whereas Margaret Thatcher would have worked her way through half a dozen ministerial "red boxes " each morning, Johnson does just one. He blustered his way to office and now hasn't a clue what to do.

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