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    • Just the ordinary ones.  It's probably for the best as she would have freaked out altogether.

  1. If it was only thus over here as far as face nappies were concerned. Especially since Vermont has the lowest covid-19 cases/deaths of the entire country. Fortunately, I don't have a coffee shop to mourn over. Can't say the same for our favorite Chinese restaurants though.

  2. The biggest Chinese manufacturer of adult nappies has just won a contract to supply the illustrious motherland with face nappies, huzzah. DaddyBaby

    Daddybaby has just been certified by the British Standards Institution (BSI) and the EU to offer personal protective equipment (PPE).

    The company normally specialises in a very different line of products – including baby nappies, adult nappies and sanitary towels – but it has now modified six production lines, increasing its output to 1,100 mask pieces per minute, or 4.5m a day.

    Reacting to the approvals by the BSI and EU, the company said it will allow it "to break new grounds".


  3. "Fucking farce" is about to happen to the whole of England tomorrow unless a sleet of quanta of sanity particles hits our parliament building. No, it won't happen. These are control freaks and wannabe dictators. Common sense has left the building.

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