Lies, damned lies and statistics — 7 Comments

  1. "[the number of lies saved by the smoking ban?]."

    That looks like a typo unless it’s just too subtle for my tired old brain.

  2. My gob is frequently smacked when some dumb newsreader, with sepulchral voice tells us that deaths due to the pandemic are not decreasing.

    The day that is not true is the day I will worry.

  3. Covid-19? Bah! The thing about the test is it doesn't test for the virus that causes it. It's been around since the early '90s, it was rebuffed by scientific community plus there's no "gold standard"–whatever than means.

    I liked the way an acquaintance put it:

    Those that get it and get over it just had a bad cold. Those that died had underlying causes. You know, the ones may have died due to "Complications from covid-19".

    So much for statistics.

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