New Year’s Day — 5 Comments

  1. Happy New Year to you.

    I'll feel that way after Friday.  I get my hair cut twice a year.  Once in October and once in April.  Well needless to say I haven't had my hair cut since October.  I look like a character out of a 1970's Burt Reynolds movie.  I'm just waiting until Friday.

    • I couldn't give a damn about my hair provided it doesn't get into my eyes when I'm trying to read.  Not so long ago I had to start tying it back with a band but it's back to being relatively short again now.  I had a haircut a couple of weeks ago [it pays to have friends in the trade?].

      Let's hope that this is indeed a fresh start.  Happy cutting!

  2. Arseholes where I live have done the same – new cycle lanes taking up half the road, new parking restrictions, new one way streets. Sneaked in while we’re confined to barracks.
    When will they acknowledge they are servants of the public and not the masters?

    • Wecome Jimmers!  We had a bit of a one-way street but suddenly it has become "pedestrianised" which completely fucks the place up as buses used it as a turning circle.  Now they have to leave the village, turn a [very] sharp hairpin bend back into the village again before continuing on their way.  Sheer madness.

  3. the coffee shop is open

    Now that is good news! The proprietors better get their chicken bits ready by the time you bring Penny in.

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