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  1. Well, I’m tied to the house today as I’m expecting deliveries


    Isn't that a royal pain in the arse?  I can virtually guarantee that the moment I pop out to the back garden the bloody postie or courier will turn up, and by the time I spot the "Sorry, you were out" card, they will be long gone. I try and get eBay deliveries as "Click & Collect" and sent to my local supermarket's Argos branch, but not all sellers give this option.

    It's also certain that if I'm expecting a phone call, I will either be 1) on the bog or 2) speaking on the other phone (mobile or landline, it doesn't seem to matter which way round…)

    • I waited all afternoon for that delivery.  It was supposed to arrive between two and four.  At half four I checked my confirmation email and discovered the delivery was for Tuesday, not Monday.  Bugger!  Another afternoon of waiting.

      Deliveries of stuff seem to fall into a simple pattern here.  Apart from groceries, the delivery bloke just walks in, leaves the parcel outside the front door and walks out again without ringing the bell.  It's up to me to check outside occasionally.

  2. There seems to be so many things to be annoyed about these days that I'm afraid that I might become permanently annoyed. And I'd really be annoyed by that.

    Hope your coffee shop is open. Isn't that where Penny gets her bits of chicken?

    • Having developed a philosophy of generally ignoring everything that goes on in the outside world, the only thing that annoys me now is myself [and Cat].  Unfortunately there is little I can do about that?

  3. Long-time no speak – the virus and the associated bollocks is crap. However there are laughs to be had from the pearl clutching covid drama queens.

    I get a paper from our filling station most mornings – when this rubbish started there was very little traffic – one morning I was just finishing a chat with Andrew – saw woman with dog about to come in – held the door open and as she passed she shouted – THAT’S NOT SIX FOOT – I think she meant thank you for holding the door. Ever since she hasn’t spoken and the dog growls.


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