The end of civilisation — 10 Comments

  1. There is a short film from 1966, "What on Earth". In it Martians visit Earth and mistake cars for sentient lifeforms. They decide to eliminate the parasites that are always damaging them so they kill all of the humans. Maybe the film got it wrong and they will think the bins are dominate life form. They will still kill the humans. 

  2. Here, mid Scotland, the bin lorries are all brand new. Where do old, 3 year old bin lorries go? 

    • The knackered old ones are shipped south to England, where they can't afford any newer ones because of all the subsidies they have to keep sending northwards to prop up Wee Nicola Krankie's personal fiefdom.

  3. It's always amusing to see the huge recycling bins, made out of lots of petrochemical-derived plastics!

    Now alerted, I'll watch out for sentient ones.

  4. I always thought traffic cones were the dominant plastic life form, After all, although smaller, they tend to appear in massive herds which can sometimes appear overnight, and they are clearly more authoritarian than wheelie bins, which for all their faults don't tell you where you can go in your car.

  5. You have definitely been cooped up too long with too much responsibility. Anyway, I can safely state that wheelie bins are not invading the state of Vermont although I don't know about the rest of the nation. A lot of us still haul our trash to the local landfill and those that don't have to supply their own bins (with or without wheels).

    I'll state for the record that Vermont is rather unique compared to the rest of the states. Not necessarily better, just unique.

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