Thinking outside the box — 8 Comments

  1. Some people tie a knot in a piece of string to remind themselves about the need to remember something.

    I can see a problem though.

    • No problem.  I buy string, tie it around my finger and that will remind me to buy string.

      Ah yes…  Maybe you're right.

  2. Hang up an old bed sheet in the garage and when rope is needed tear off a strip, give it a twist to give it some backbone and Robert's your relative.

    • Now that's thinking outside the box.  I have a few old sheets which I use when painting or sweeping the chimney [and they also come in handy if visitors want to stay overnight].  I can see my work will be cut out tomorrow along with the sheets……

  3. Does no-one collect cardboard to raise funds? My sister takes all of our cardboard for a local carnival club who seem to have a market for such stuff.

    • Not around here, they don't.  Your sister is welcome to collect my lot if she wants?

  4. Don't see why you just don't burn the stuff – local authority will just export it to be chucked in some river – recycle – assholes.

    • I used to burn stuff, but after I set fire to my woodland a couple of times I decided bonfires were a thing of the past.  The only other place to burn anything is in the middle of my lawn and I don't fancy that big black patch again.  The last one took years to grow over.

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