Catchup — 3 Comments

  1. Well, at least without a working government they can't pass any more ludicrous laws for awhile? As far as the 7 per cent cut a year in emissions, they can agree to anything can't they? It doesn't mean it's actually going to happen now does it? Or has there been a breakthrough in fitting cattle with methane traps?

    Or is that too many questions?

  2. Irish cattle are notoriously subsidised by the taxpayer! The suckler herd need a subsidy of about €200 a head. A useful by-product of the cut in emissions might be the disappearance of the part-time framers, who have day jobs and subsidise their spare time activities with public money.

  3. Bovind flatulence. I think there is a misunderstanding.

    What the polticians want are more bungs.

    Agricultural funding. I do not know how it worked, but apparently some animals spent their lives in trucks travelling back and forth accross the border accumulating subsidies and grants and tax rebates.

    Puckoon was not fiction.

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