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  1. Is there an agency charged with the invention of these terms? Are they paid by the term or do they work for a flat rate?

    • Maybe I should invent a few, copyright them and then charge a premium for their use?

      • Presumably, there is someone in your former place of employment who decides which should be used. You would be in with a good chance of contributing to the vocabulary, Grandad's Normative Neologisms has a good sound about it.

  2. Leaving the doors open prevents them for being damaged as badly when the looters, ops the very passionate protesters, come to liberate your place of business or residence. 

    There are reports that fresh air, sunlight, and alcohol may kill the virus. So to be safe everyone need to be in their backyard, naked, and drinking at least that is what I will try to explain to the police when they show up. 

    • "So to be safe everyone need to be in their backyard, naked, and drinking"  I must mention that to the neighbours?

  3. True. All I can say to these zombies is' world economic forum agenda 2030;- google it')

  4. New phrases. It is like picking your porn star name.

    Doors open. Always thought that toilets used by public should have no doors, like airports. Now pubs have these supersoonic turbo charged hand driers you can tell who has not washed their hands. There are a lot of them.

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