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  1. Great timing!  The Kingsbridge Trilogy is one of my favorites.  You're lucky to have your library opening up.  Ours here in the states have just started, but for hold and curbside pickup only.  Better than nothing, but not like browsing all the great books.  Enjoy!

    • I haven't actually investigated the library yet [I might drop down later] so I don't know what kind of regime they have.  Presumably all that obnoxious "social distancing" lark!

  2. I have read the first two, the pleasures of the third still awaits me.  

  3. Go Kindle! Less weight to hold and all the world's books to choose from, I limit myself to the  99p choices in the daily and monthly deals, it's lead me to discover authors I'd never otherwise have found. Mostly of the classics are on there for free too.

    • Kindle? Smart phone? Computer screen?  No chance.  I have to have paper in my hand when reading.  The library naturally didn't open when it was supposed to but I had a few spare books I had bought online.  The smell of fresh print alone was a pleasure.  You don't get that from a Kindle?

  4. Try the Project Gutenberg site.All the old classics are there, books you will find difficult to source unless you have access to a good bookshop. I have discovered some authors I had not heard of before and who I would never spend money on to try.

  5. When NZ went suddenly into lockdown and I heard on the radio that afternoon that the libraries would be closing for the duration (projected a month at that stage, I think) I went down and borrowed 13 new books (I already had one left over not quite read) thinking that that might tide me over for a month.

    Well, I managed to read twelve in two weeks;- the last was a ~ 1000 page one, took a little longer.

    Then I started revisiting my book case shelves, started enjoying stuff I'd read years ago, and so on.

    I love your phrase, "I tend to read myself to sleep" because that's exactly what I do.

    I keep a pair of 3.5 or even 4.0 if obtainable dioptre glasses for for close-up hobby work (electronics) or for bed time reading, on my side, a little 20W halogen lamp illuminating, complete relaxation, story! ;=})

    It's like having a "Large Print" book right by your bed side.

    When I just awake realising that I'd nodded off briefly while still holding the book and with the light still on, I recognise that it's time to take the glasses off, put a bookmark in the book, put the eye sleep mask in position (because early morning light will shine in through these thin curtains, and I'm a "night owl", don't want to wake up too early) – then reach up and switch the light off, pull the eye mask down, snuggle in.


    Perchance to dream


    And I have the next episode or portion to look forward to for the next night.


    But I ended up going through all of them in the first two weeks.

    Back to the book case, re-reading old collections, not too bad!

    Some almost as new again!  Hmm, how did I forget? Have I got …


    Finally, the local library has opened again, so new and catch up is available.

    I hope your government comes to its senses – some sense? re this soon too


    Here's mine, not too far away to walk or bus to.


    Acting as though post-Covid here now … just the $50 billion money sprayed debt to get through!


    NZ just passed through 5 million population recently …


    Cheers!! ;=}))






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