The simple life — 7 Comments

  1. It's getting sinister now.  The lockdown has very effectively stopped the build up of herd immunity.  So when the second wave comes, evidenced by the latest concocted figures, the next lockdown will be a little nearer to the level of control they have been wetting themselves for ever since they found George Orwell's famous instruction manual.

    Save the NHS — they have lots of new dance routines to unveil.

  2. The spirit of the Christian Brothers seems to have somehow infiltrated Irish administration. A friend from Co Laois was telling me that there were checkpoints on the road from Port Laoise to Tullamore and I heard from Dublin that on Friday, Gardai were at Howth Junction station making anyone in swimwear leave the train and return to the city.

  3. It's becoming more and more obvious that society in general is going to hell in a bucket and they’re not even enjoying the ride. The straw the broke the proverbial camel's back was this not-so-horrible flu type thing.

    That being said, all I really yearn for is central heating. Otherwise, I'm much like yourself in my wants.

  4. Could not agree with you more in my mind its all a huge scam the figures are been [ pardon the pun ] doctored die from falling down the stairs its down to the Wuhan virus. The words I'm beginning to hate hearing is ………………. THE NEW NORM.

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