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  1. Couldn't agree more, Grandad!!

    If the powers that be truly believed in Darwin's theory of evolution they would just let this thing run its course. And you are correct, if we are to save the Planet and nature, then the logical mind would reason that the earth is filled with bio-diverse life forms including virus, bacteria, and fungus that far outnumber the human population, and since they are all part of nature, then they must be allowed to do their thing.

    I reckon that there is no logic nor reason amongst the vast majority of the sheeples nor their esteemed leaders.

  2. I'm afraid social media has given the idiots a voice, and as a result dragged down the average public IQ (from a charitable 3 into minus figures).

    It is said "never argue with idiots, for they will drag you down to their level, and beat you with experience."

    So now the public idiots talk directly to the political idiots,  bypassing the common sense filters and the rest of us are dammed by defult. 

  3. I suspect that your grandparents, with their perspective of famine, almost forced emigration, world wars and other pandemics had exactly the same fears for their descendents, both born and yet to be born.

    Truth is, whatever events or incompetences are thrown at humans, they tend to get through it and usually emerge stronger on the other side.  Take that comfort with you whenever you leave the field, hopefully not for a while yet.

  4. Whether by genes or example, I have hunch that your grandchildren will do very well.

  5. During my years in the church, I argued on many occasions that the "green" agenda of comfortable middle class people imposed huge costs on the poor and on future generations. The attitude has been, "well, we've had a jolly good time, we have everything we want, we have been everywhere we want, now we must all stop what we're doing. Don't expect to do as we did, just do as we say."

  6. A very wise friend of mine last week said something that struck a chord with me.  He said that people get the press that they deserve. By that he meant that people will dictate what media outlets publish by where they spend their money. I think Ireland love an unhealthy portion of bad news.  The positive stuff turns us into moaning begrudgers.  Envious of everything we don't have. Collectively, we have lead ourselves down this path where the news cycle needs to keep us consuming the bad news.  Be it storms that are going to ravage the country, climate change that is going to doom the planet or the virus that will take our vulnerable.  Who ever the fuck that's meant to be.  It has been one thing after another.  The movement of people this weekend is further evidence that we can only take so much of this doom and gloom before people need to take a break.  This thing is either going to ravage society or it's going to be another example of where over-hyping the news isn't sustainable.  There's only so many times governments can cry wolf before even the most stupid in society won't start swiping past the warnings like a bad match on tinder.  I hope that this changes us.  I hope that companies and governments have learned that remote working is now a viable alternative to commuting. More courses and exams can be delivered online as well making them more accessible to a wider cross section of people. But I really hope we all cop on and start using some common sense. This one way system bull shit and the stupid clear panels on shop counters is a pointless demonstration of compliance by company owners to show that they are doing their bit.  But really, if a bit of common sense is used, this stuff shouldn't be necessary.  But unfortunatley, common sense is subjective. People who have not heard of anyone catching covid19 in their community are much less likely to even consider protecting themselves or those around them.  I'm not so worried about me.  It's mainly one or two close family members that I wouldn't like to catch it.  But I also don't wwant them catching a common cold either. So again, a bit of common sense on my part can make up for the potential stupidity of some others out there. GD, I've met yourself once and K8 a handful of times.  You both strie me as very down to earth people with a great deal of life experience between the two of you.  I have not got even a sliver of doubt that K8's children will learn to be self thinkers and self motivators. 

    • There is little or nothing that I can add to that.  As you say – ignore the news and use common sense.

      I well remember our meeting both yourself and Emma.  Happy days where websites were fun and before they were overgrown and swamped by sites on fashion and cosmetics!

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