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  1. Any spare room for visitors in that petit gite?   Maybe we should have a gathering of the Rambles clan, fuelled by confit de canard and lubricated with litres of the local grape-pressings.

    See, we can all dream.

  2. Ah, the things they do with duck.

    Garbure, confit, foie gras.

    with local wine and armagnac.

    As in every country, the further you are away from the capital the nicer the people.

    Just be sure they know that you are not English.

    And you and I know that there is nothing more sterile than fresh fag ash, and don 't throw a wobbly when you see the cook has one hanging from his lip over your food.

    Bon courage, mon vieux.. 

  3. "There’s no harm in dreaming?"

    Don't see why not. I keep dreaming about winning the lottery and I'll bet you your dreams come true rather than mine.

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