Beware the Cocooned — 6 Comments

  1. You mean the Morlocks don't get them?

    By the way, if the quote is actually a link it doesn't go anywhere.

    • The link was meant to refer to the original article, but seeing as the headline only referred to a small paragraph in a long piece I didn't bother with a link.  Why it decided to link to itself is anyone's guess!

  2. Already happened round these parts – we oldies never venture out until after the deadly school-run is over, that period when all the yummy mummies in the huge 4WD's they can't really drive fill the roads with their fertile incompetence.

    Only when their precious Tarquins and Arabellas are safely in school-custody dare we take our own turn to go about our later-life business away from home, always aware that, like Cinderella's midnight clock-chime, if we fail to return to our safe-spaces of home before early afternoon, we risk the hordes of Fagin's trainee-shoplifters flooding out from their day-time child-care cell, running amok and turning our otherwise peacefully ordered lives into a chaos of puerile pubescent panic, mainly because Tarquin & Arabella's mother prioritised her lady-lunch and bikini-wax ahead of collecting the offspring yet again.

    Who needs sirens?

  3. See you now have until 18 May. Maybe. Then a 5 step pathway, subject to. Well actually, subject to your government's ability to pay for any extension. And that's fast vanishing into a completely collapsed economy.

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