Cocooned – Day 34 — 6 Comments

    • A long time ago.  I won't be watching it again [and certainly not in the current situation] – too close for comfort.

  1. Sorry for your current problems, hope they are over soon. Talking to the dog is fine.  We have two cats with loud voices, who often wake us up at 4.00 am with a little furry present.  They often respond with loud calls.  I have an urge to wipe them out.  But of course, herindours would not allow it.

    Like you, am thorougly fed up with the constant stream of statistics about the virus.  What to do next? There is only so much cleaning to do at home.  Hope Herself is well and recovering. Best wishes,

    Oh, what about the young lady to join you in Herself's absence?


    • I do still talk to Cat – the usual two words.  I'm sure it takes comfort in normality.

      The young lady was very keen to move in.  Unfortunately she sounded too keen and I had to think of the old heart, so I changed my mind about the arrangement.

      Herself is coming home anyway.

      I just don't know when.

  2. Ice Age (love the squirrel). Happy Feet. Shrek. Despicable Me. Minions.

    Gone in 60 seconds. Shawshank Redemption. Pulp Fiction. Forest Gump.

    Video sites. Liveleak. Hoodsite.

  3. It was a Wilson soccer ball, not a basketball, just so ya' know.

    So, you're actually considering doing housework? As if you weren't doing it all along but ironing sheets and attempting conversation with a cold call recording? You definitely need some sort of decent distraction. By the way, talking to your pets is normal. If you think they're answering you back then you might have a problem.

    Hope Herself comes home soon.

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