Witnessing murder — 8 Comments

    • You know when you send a car in with a dickey headlight and they suddenly find 1001 other things wrong?  That is what happened with Herself.  The original cause of the hospitalisation [pneumonia] is fixed but now they are refusing to let her go until she's ready for a Marathon [at the very least].  She's enjoying herself.  Apparently the food is good and the staff are great.

      Maybe she'll set up permanent residence?

      I'll know when she asks for the kitchen sink.

      • Had pneumonia once, not a nice experience.  Trust Herself is getting better and settling down to hospital life.  How about you?  So long without company, radio, etc?  What about the cat, she must be worried sick with no company by now?

        Send Herself our love. And the sink. if needed.

  1. I got stopped by a  po lice man on my way to the chemist to pick up my prescription , he asked me where I was going. I said I was going to pick up some drugs. 

    His expression was worth the subsequent hassle. 

    • I had that line in reserve but haven't had a chance to use it yet.  A presription s due for a refill at the end of the week, so maybe I'll get my chance then?

  2. Very glad you didn't actually fall asleep. You might have run into some of those social distancing violators. Take care now and give our best to Herself.

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