I am an unfaithful cad — 16 Comments

  1. "I’m going to phone her now and ask her to move in."

    Do you allow LOLs round here? Or should I just use one of these: laugh?

  2. If that's on your/Herself's hospital records, wouldn't it legally be libelous? Could you threaten 'em with m'learned friends? It might put the cat among the pigeons but it might also concentrate their minds a little more.

    • Actually I know the source, and frankly I'm not bothered.  Herself and I know the truth and that's all that matters.  Couldn't give a shit what others think.

  3. Perhaps the "lady" from the hospital was in need of a new domicile and wanted to see if there was a possibility. 

  4. Have you talked to Herself herself? 😉 Maybe she – in a fit or other about being harrassed by hospital staff and trying to convince them to immediatley discharge her again – has yelled something about you immediately taking advantage of the situation by moving in your girlfriend and filing for a divorce? Just an idea …

    And, by the way (or not so by the way): How is Herself?

    • I haven't spoken to her since Saturday [when she robbed someone's mobile] so I really have little idea of what's going on.  All I know is that she is currently suffering physiotherapy.  She will not be a happy camper!

  5. Claudia, I was thinking something similar and was going to ask, but much more delicately, of course. devil

  6. This seems like a rare occasion of there actually being smoke without fire.   However, now the story has legs, there's nothing you can do to stop it running around the place with gay abandon, so you might as well move the local hussy in for the duration, thus at least gaining some benefit from the trashing of your otherwise unsulliable reputation.

    But take care, if your local hussy's anything like ours, you could soon be in the same hospital as Herself but for very different reasons.   Stay safe – fix a plank across your arse and tie your you feet to the bedpost.   Good luck.

    • "running around the place with gay abandon" – that expression has taken on a whole new meaning and a rather disturbing mental image.

      I'm getting too old for all that hassle.  Sad to say, I'd prefer just a good pint or a drop of whiskey.

  7. I fear the similarity of your surname with members of a community who, in Dublin, have generally dropped the prefix, may have caused the confusion.

    I knew a woman in Dublin who had been a total abstainer all of her life, but someone, somewhere had once put on her hospital file that she drank. Every time she went to hospital or saw a new consultant she had to explain that she did not drink and had never drunk. It caused her a lot of upset.


    • You do realise that you can now be hauled up in court for cracks like that?!

      It's not a bad idea though.  If I'm ever admitted in the future I must give totally different details about myself just to see in they notice.

  8. If you actually had moved in a mistress all you would have had to do was to dress her up as a nurse (sans the white mini-skirt) and all would be well in case Herself came home suddenly. Just send her out to help bring her in and settle her down and then leave. Done.

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