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  1. No platitudes, superfluous advice, or facetiousness.

    Just look after yourself and remember that many, many people are rooting for you.

    And I am sure that some of them are Aussies.

  2. I had a blast of something similar to those symptoms about 3 weeks ago, after going to Manchester 3 weeks ago, and spending 3hrs a day in buses visiting a relative in hospital, from a hotel that had a lot of Chinese guests.

    By "those symptoms", I mean sinus headache (blinding), balance problems, nose-bleeds, and dribbling nose.  Subsided after about 10 days. These don't correspond with plague symptoms very well, but naturally I wondered whether I'd had "it", mildly-ish. (I'm 68). No point in even trying to go to a quack.  Consider it quite possible I got "it", given how little is known,  or told. 

    I genuinely don't mind being thought risky, or at risk, or complying with all the bullshit. But it's quite possible I've got antibodies, if there are means to or interest in detecting them.

    • Welcome Pi [I'm assuming that's what your name alludes to?].  I doubt my little affliction is the Dreaded Lurgy.  I have had it for while now and have already been on two courses of antibiotics [obviously neither worked].  That was before the Lurgy even hit the headlines.  I have been very reluctant to go back to Doc as I'm sure he is up to his eye on lesser problems.

      Anyway I have had the BCG injection, I'm Caucasian, have a negative blood group and am a smoker, all of which at one point or another have pointed towards a natural resistance.  Heh!

  3. Your “infection thingy” sounds like my seasonal allergies. Welcome to my nightmare !

  4. Sorry you're feeling so bad and I'm sure missing your night time meds didn't help. I know it doesn't help me one bit on the rare times I miss them or the haranguing I get from my wife when I do (probably due to the kicking I give her since my night time meds includes the pill that quiets my restless legs).

    So here's to you feeling better and remembering your pills.

    • Thanks Kirk [M].  I have just been doling out the weeks supply into our 7-day AM/PM boxes.  I hate that job but it does at least show me what I have forgotten to take.

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