Cocooned – day 18 — 3 Comments

  1. You order the curry for Daughter, she collects it from your doorstep – simples.   (And, as you've paid on-line, she gets it free – but that's what dads are for).

    • Hah!  I never order curries for Daughter as she is one of those who goes for about ten starters instead of a main course.  Everything ends up very complicated.  And I would have to give her my account details.  Baaad idea.

      that's what dads are for  That's one of her favourite lines.  Have you been talking to her?

  2. Cheers Mr H Rambles, that made me chuckle, and moved the point at which I lose it all and start winding up prod-nose farmers 6 hours further into the future. You've done some fellow a service.

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