Just a mild dose of Influenza — 18 Comments

  1. According to a piece I read on the RTE website, the median age of those who have died from the virus in Ireland is 81 – which, from experience, is the sort of age at which people tend to die.

  2. Female cops freak me out more than male cops here. Small stature, armed and on edge makes for a bad combo. I’m more at ease dealing with some jacked mutant who is 6’6”.  As for this virus nonsense, the CDC has had hospitals reporting any death, even with just a positive or suspected case, as a covid death. Me thinks this new Black Plague is just doing the same thing that sickness us usually does to the terminally ill. Also, it seems that the rush to ventilate has been pointed out as a cause for some deaths vs. waiting until absolutely needed.

    • Most of the lot manning [personing?] the checkpoints are just out of training without even finishing their courses.  They were put on duty because of "The Emergency".  They are far more nervous than the public.

      That is scary about the ventilators though. 

      • It is: but personally I find nervous semi-trained cops WHO ARE ARMED very scary indeed! Here in the UK we have our own contingent of Unterscharführers but thankfully they don't (yet) have .357 or 9mm equipment as routine.

  3. It would seem that all deaths are now reported as ' due to the Wuhan Virus' [ I refuse to call it by its PC name ] just two examples from UK a few days ago. The comedian Eddie Large is reported having died from the virus even that he was in hospital with a serious heart condition. Another a famous cop from the 60s Nipper of the Yard reported died from the virus …. he was in hospital with compilations of diabetes. If someone falls down the stairs now its recorded as a death from the virus. In the UK records show that 1600 people die every day from natural causes. Today some of these deaths  will be recorded due to the virus.

    • That's a lesson learned from the Anti-Smokers.  Smoke one cigarette in your life and your death is "smoking related".

  4. We have had 4 deaths so far in New Zealand. All those who died were over 70, one being over 90.Two of them were in a "Gods Waiting Room" Care home. As I am 82 years old I am not far off my time to go, if I go in the next few weeks, I wonder if I will be counted among the fallen.

  5. Excellent piece that you linked to GD. Confirmed my sneaking suspicions too. The question is what is to be done about it? The politicians and police aren't going to say "oops we got it wrong, sorry about destroying everything over a media beat up" are they? 

  6. I have a relative who is a nurse in a large London hospital. She says that almost all of the patients on the coronavirus ward are what she calls 'couch potatoes' – i.e. they are middle aged, obese men with diabetes.

    Pre-existing, self-inflicted health problems. Remember this when you're wondering when the pubs will reopen.

  7. The one article brought up the Hart Island “mass grave” for covid patients. That Island is FULL of unidentified homeless people who died of liver cirrhosis etc. so I’m assuming it’s more dead homeless with the same issue but now it’s “the rona”. 

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