And now the good news — 9 Comments

  1. If we all have up sex wouldn't that eventually fix all the world's problems? In the time remaining we could eat and drink all we wanted, drive our polluting cars as much as we wanted and even keep our gas boilers into the bargain. Just saying… I doubt if this planet saving measure will be very popular really

  2. I’ll admit at first (maybe still a little) that I was kinda nervous about this all because I smoke and I perhaps like beer a little more than I should. But I’m fairly healthy aside from that (recent check up gave me hope). I figure if anything is going to terminate me it will be the myriad chemicals and particulates from my job as a farm equipment mechanic. Those or the tons of cow shit dust I’ve inhaled. 

    • We have all breathed tons of shit in our lifetimes, most of which we are not even aware.  If the virus gets me and I don't survive then so be it, but I think the chances of that are very remote.  When my day comes, I'll put it down to all the radioactive crap I have breathed over my lifetime.

  3. Apparently our little Greta-scold has announced that she and her father are self quarantining as they have symptoms, hers milder of course. Any suspicion of this being another attention seeking bit of performance art are probably totally justified.

    • Aw poor little diddums.  I'd fly her over a crate full of chocolate to cheer her only for her ban on flying.

    • Ah here now!  Hold on.  I think we may be straying a little close to tin-foil hat time here?

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