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  1. I can and do sympathise. Along with his movie-star looks and mesmerising charisma, I inherited my dad's rubbish sinuses. While I obviously don't want to appear self-obsessed or insensitive at this tragic time of sniffles, sinusitis is a bugger. Sorry the antibiotics didn't work . Hope you can get the doctor to try you on something else.

    • I am more annoyed than suffering from self pity.  It's just so fucking irritating.

      Strangely though it seems to come in waves.  Today I am fine – only one nose blow so far – but tomorrow I could be back to streaming eyes and nose again.  I'm loath to contact Doc s I'm sure he has more important things to deal with.

      • In the scheme of things it might not be the worst thing evah! but it's debilitating nonetheless. Your doctor would probably be glad of a bit of variety in his workload. At the moment I imagine a great deal of GPs' time is spent reassuring the worried well as much as anything.


     Who Nose?

    I occasionally get inflamation around my nostrils. I found that smearing inside and out with Carex and leaving it to dry helps. Just before falling asleep.

    I find the same thing helps for infected tear-ducts and insect bites if applied immediately after bite. (not stings).

    Yes I have read your note on miracle cures, but you never know.


    • Unfortunately smearing anything inside the nostril is out.  It would be like sticking up a red hot piece of barbed wire.  Anyways, after two courses of antibiotics I think it needs something stronger. 

    • I wouldn't want to meet her down a dark alley.  Luckily she's not Doc [unless he has had some very strange surgery].

  3. As another chronic sinusitis sufferer (thanks dad) I empathize. Heaven help us if anyone just gets (non-corvid-19) sick and needs to talk to their doc. I can't even call my local VA clinic any longer which is about a 5 minute drive away. I haven't bothered to drive up there to check since they're probably closed anyway. Such is the insanity.

    On a more amusing note, my wife and I do our usual grocery shopping every Monday and Tuesday (a different supermarket each day) and by what we've observed it's the over 50s that seem to be congregating together and having a wee bit of conversation as Vermonters often do and the under 50s that are rushing around with scarfs over their faces, faces full of panic, and driving their carts around each other like a bunch of cowardly bumper car drivers.

    Yup, it's the so-called "high-risk" individuals that are ignoring all this media-induced BS overreaction and getting on with their lives while the younger set cries havoc and loots the shelves of toilet paper, face tissues and paper towels.

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