The end of the tether — 11 Comments

  1. I cannot express my sympathy enough at the closing of your coffee shop and the sacrifices you and Penny will now have to make. The lack of ordering groceries online just adds insult to injury. Does you grocery store have cameras? If not, breaking and entering after hours is always a possibility. You can just pin the cash on the manager's door, let them figure it out.

    Wear gloves.

    • The coffee shop is indeed a great loss and an indication of how bad the situation is.  I try and stay clear of supermarkets at the best of times [it's years since I have been in one] so I have no idea about their security arrangements.  It would be easier to find a hoarder's house and raid that!

  2. How is the tobacco situation there GD? My local tobacconist here in Oz told me recently that the distributors are starting to ration them. They still  get deliveries but not their full order. We used to have a big tobacco industry here that grew a quality product but now it's all imported, except for the illegal crops. I know how you feel about your coffee shop closing, my favored coffee shop closed a few years ago when the state imposed the outdoor smoking ban. 

    • There's no mention of a shortage here.  I suppose they are too expensive to hoard.  I usually have at least a week's supply anyway!

  3. What would the lunatics do if you set up a little stall at the gate of the manor giving hot coffee away rather than it being flogged?

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