Cocooned — 8 Comments

  1. Th-This "C" word is rashist.

    P, Pu-pretending tu-to hu-have a stu-stutter du-doesn't lu-let yoo off the h, hu-hook.

  2. “you will have food, supplies and are checked on”

    I think it’s a bit like when someone goes away on holiday and asks the neighbor to look after pets: “would you mind cocooning our cat/hamster/guinea pig while we’re away?”

    Don’t forget to squeak loudly if they forget to refill your drinker 😉

    (and all the best to you, IF YOU CAN HEAR ME inside that fluffy cocoon)

  3. Be afraid, be very afraid.  If you want facts and can digest loads of info, try this report from Imperial College:

    One table in there shows death rates by age.  It isn't good reading.  The 3% standard that has often been quoted actually hides a much higher rate among older people.

    Look after yourselves everybody, and be careful out there!!!!


  4. Explanation – noun

    Explainer – unnecessary and pointlessly made-up verb (used as a noun?)

  5. You never know, you might become a butterfly.

    There is a Monty Python cartoon, no doubt by Terry Guiliam, which I wish I could link to.

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