The joys of isolation — 9 Comments

  1. My sympathies Grandad, I'm looking at house arrest with the missus for 16 weeks if what they are saying turns out true, I think I might put in a bid to hire an empty pub for 6 months and turn it into an over 70's only venue, could be a winner!

  2. Pubs forced to close!  Seventy-something's under house arrest!  Public gatherings banned!

    Sieg Heil to our all powerful and great leaders!

    We're from the government.  We're here to help!

  3. Read an interview a couple of days ago with one of the oldies from the Princess cruise liner that was quarantined for a couple of weeks in Yokohama.

    He 78, she 76. Both got the virus and both said it wasn't anything big deal. Guy said he'd have only called in sick for one day.

    If you have no pre-existing conditions then you'll most likely sail through it – at any age. If you do then it'll be very tricky for those with breathing or lung issues, though 95 out of 100 do meander out. Again it's any age group (I've seen special needs children and each and every one of them had unbelievable lung issues, the poor tykes).

    I'm not 70 yet, but targeting those who are is fucking stupid. The front runners in the race to be president of the US is a pertinent reminder of the need to quit experimenting with people's lives.

    However the fact they would like to isolate them for 4 months tells me this barrage of excretion will run for ages.

    • A case of necessity.  The courts have ordered me to take better care of Herself so I have to stay at home.

  4. There is a huge difference between asking over 70's to restrict social contact for their own safety and placing them under house arrest. Yet more hysterical panic spin by the media.

    • Of course there is, but "house arrest" is easier to type than "being ask to voluntarily confine themselves to the home environment".

      • I believe the term they're using is "self isolate". Nicer sounding than "house arrest" and just as easy to type if not as easy to spell (might have a bit of trouble with isil isal isolate).

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