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  1. The Airplane movie panic scene comes to mind.

    Google it *

    * There are other search thingies.

  2. Sorry to rain on your comedy parade here, but I have to tell you this is a little more serious. There is no such thing as a "virus" in the first place and this is ALL a terrible hoax. They have made it all up to GET you to panic and it seems to be working just fine for all the gubmints. The real problem here is that they are pulling out all the stops to engage their one world order. This is it! You are witnessing the rise of the antiChrist beast system.  I have loved your blog for a long time and really appreciate all your posts.  Your posts will be one thing that I will miss in the next world I am soon to be going into.

    • Welcome Anita!  Well, speaking personally they have failed.  I am no longer panicking as I found a 1,000 page book I haven't read in years so my sleep is guaranteed for weeks to come.

      Seriously though, you have to admire their attention to detail?  To somehow misinform every reporter around the planet and plant "survivors" and "sufferers" who are interviewed on television is quite a feat?  I think a more likely scenario is that a new 'flu virus is doing the rounds and is causing a mass hysteria that's aided and abetted by social media.

      And don't worry – if you are going to the next world, the chances are you'll find me there too.

  3. The WHO announce a pandemic, and  the other, more useful Who, The Who have cancelled their concerts; Roger Daltrey, 76, and Pete Townshend, 74, were due to start their WHO 2020 tour on Monday at Manchester Arena but the 10-date run has been postponed due to fears about the pandemic. 

    And maybe because they are in the YOU WILL DIE age group !! 

      • That's back when they were, "Talking 'bout MY generation".  Now 2 or 3 generations later, they don't feel quite the same.

  4. Well, I know I don't need to link the Kindle store here, YOU MUST be aware, you  tech-savvy curmudgeon. I can only assume the reticence to look at that possibility is some kind of grumbly Irish Grandad thing? I have about ten months of reading stored on my laptop, phone and actual Kindle reader, and they all sync to one another.

    We're in quarantine and I lost my job yesterday because of 'the new world order rising up,' and oh yeah, THAT LADY IS FUCKING NUTS.

    Don't @ me, hoax lady, you're a nut. 


    • Of course I'm familiar with the Kindle idea.  I just don't like the idea of them.  I like the feel of a book.  I like turning the pages and the whole physical exercise.  I could download e-books onto the laptop here and have done so in the past but it just isn't the same. 

      Sorry about the job [I did read about it over at your place].  The world is in a state of chassis, as they say here.

      • I figured as much. And I get it. Me too, to a degree, but we're also in a place where physical books are cumbersome and take up a helluva lot of room in a helluva tiny place, that we may not be able to live in for much longer anyway, see below…

        Sorry about my terse attitude with the lady above, but I have little… scratch that… ZERO tolerance for deniers when I've just lost my job because of the so-called 'hoax,' and my wife with chronic health issues is under quarantine and at high-risk of making me a widower within the next couple of months. But that's the last I'll mention it over here in Ireland, I'll leave any other opinions on it over at my place.

  5. I'm so disgusted about this Covid-19 crap I can't even leave a comment. I going out to find a crowd of people to stand in.

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