Happy days are here again — 6 Comments

  1. Good to read a story without doom and gloom. The TV is full of it, plus hysteria. Panic buying is in full swing even at our village Co-Op. The world is going mad.

  2. Glad you two (three? hi Penny, 'woof!') are set for now. Very dystopian here, they're literally rounding up homeless people and getting them into hotels/motels. We're just shy of zombies running amok. 

  3. "She offered any help that we might need in these times of chassis…"

    I'm not one who must point every-little-typo in a post or article but "times of chassis"? Are you implying that she wished to check out your undercarriage? If so, ask her to pay extra attention to your drive shaft just in case it might have warped.

    • Ah!  An Irish expression.  From Seán O'Casey's play "Juno and the Paycock".  It basically means chaos caused by life being pared back to the bare bones [the chassis], but is pronounced with a hard"ch" [as in chair] and to rhyme with molasses.

      Bet you're sorry you mentioned it now?

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