On being an Attenborough — 9 Comments

    • What has being technical got to do with it?  My problem is that the estate is so overgrown that wherever I point the camera there are branches or long grass waving around.

      The camera didn't have a manual as such and came without batteries or memory [an SD card].  Being technical at least I had a few of those lying around.

    • Probably.  Though if a human is around my other camera will have picked up him/her entering.

  1. So, a convoluted way of reminding us you've turned 70. And yes, she is a thoughtful person, far better than a pair of gloves and a scarf

    • I was merely giving a reason as to why she was giving me a present.  God knows I don't want to be reminded of my age.

  2. I really thought I had left a comment on this post but apparently not. Anyway, I did read it to my wife. She laughed rather hard however, don't let that concern yourself. She was definitely laughing at you with you.

    Note: Haven't felt all that well the last week or so which explains why I haven't been around of late. No excuse of course.


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