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  1. The picture on the front of the bottle shows cloudberries. These are found in Norway where I live and I assume similar high latitude areas of Russia. So it is either cloudberry brandy or cloudberry liqueur. Either would be positively disgusting as although highly prized in Norway the damn berries taste of nothing.

    • Ah!  I assume the donor of the gift either didn't know what it was themselves or they don't think that much of me.

    • The one thing I didn't google was Kerilia!  I tried approximations of all the rest with few results.

      So vodka or liqueur.  Not whiskey.  Never mind.  Alcohol.

  2. I'll get back to you tomorrow. It may be a balsam, but I'll need to talk to the lass who speaks Russian.

  3. If it dates back to the Soviet Union it's probably cabbage juice.

    However, it may have fermented and you might have a bottle of rocket fuel on your hands as a result.

  4. Drink the Vodka, then lay some geotextile over the mud, and put the gravel on top – about 4 inches

    Stops the mud coming through, but lets the water through – it does rain there, doesn't it?
    You might get geotextile in small quantities, from a garden centre as weed suppressant, otherwise its a builder’s merchant.

    • That takes care of the drive but as I said in previous comments, GD needs to install a row of edging stones across the gateway, firstly to contain the gravel and secondly to redirect the flow of water/mud past the gateway instead of into it.

      • The problem [which isn't evident in the pictures] is that the lane runs downhill as far as my gate.  Also there is a bad camber which directs all runoff onto my side.  To add to that, the lane has been resurfaced [badly] a few times so it is now two or three inches higher than my driveway.  The row of edging stones would therefore need to be at least three or four inches above ground – a nice little speed bump?

        So far, it's holding up well, and I even had a grocery delivery today with no complaints.  Sometime when the weather is a bit better I might get another ton of gravel to raise the whole driveway [assuming there is enough clearance under the new gate!].

        • Ah, I see. However, going on the assumed accuracy of your estimate on how far the edgers would need to poke out of the ground, a concrete 'ramp' on the outside, at about 30 degrees would take the 'bump' out of it. The drive doesn't need to be higher than the lane, the lane's camber and the ramp would provide a run-off channel. But if you raise the drive, you would probably need some kind of barrier else your gravel would soon end up in the lane. Just trying to help.

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