A hobby a day keeps the cleaners away — 10 Comments

  1. And you get somewhat agitated when a wee mouse invades your space. With your new hobby you'll most likely have dozens of them, maybe a rat or two plus all manner of creepy  crawley.

    Oh and the pong of their urine and faeces plus that truly bad stench when rodents give birth.

    I do not believe you've discussed this with Mrs. Rambles.

    • I haven't seen or heard the slightest evidence of a mouse since Cat arrived.  It's the only reason I allow it to stay.

  2. Ever thought of gardening?  More specifically horticulture?  Just find some remote spot on the estate and plant some weeds, well just one specific type of 'weed' really, which then addresses so many issues for the elderly.

    First you get outdoor exercise, it spurs your mental creativity in disguising it from interested parties (i.e. the Garda), you will have a regular stream of visitors to counteract elderly loneliness and those visitors will insist on giving you money to supplement your meagre pension.  You will obviously need to test the crop occasionally for quality control purposes, thus helping to calm your troubled mind as the outside world goes to hell in a handcart.

    In the worst-case scenario, you get arrested and jailed, thus enjoying a free all-inclusive break, courtesy of the tax-payer, returning to find that the helpful Garda have freshly dug over your weed-plot, making it ready for the next planting.   What's not to like?   Get digging.

    • Indeed I have successfully experimented with horticulture with excellent results.  Unfortunately Herself objected to the very strong smell [it was an indoor experiment] and I had to burn the lot.  It took me months to burn. 😈

  3. I went caving, once. Then I saw the light (a carbide light) and took to exploring old mines, a hobby I sometimes do to this day in my old age, knees permitting. 

    • I also went caving once.  It was with my father on the way back from a holiday, where we called in to Mitchelstown Caves in north Cork.  In those days it was a Tilley Lamp experience and they have since ruined part of the atmosphere by turning it into a tourist spot with electric lighting and guided tours.  That one trip though started me on a long passion with the underground.  I have lost count of the caves I have explored in my younger [and more athletic] years.

  4. "And just think of the excitement of burrowing down and finding long lost treasures under the piles of shit!"

    Like Penny, Cat, and Herself?

    • Doubtless they will hep me with my hobby.  Herself has already filled a couple of rooms with clothes she has never worn.

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