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  1. Congratulations. Bet you never thought about life after 70.

    Get an absorbing hobby, sensible life choices, and keep fit. All the advice I have resolutely ignored for many years.  Still here and about to move house.  No pressure then, see you in another ten years.  Love to Penny, Cat and her indoors.

    P.S. Make sure you blow all the candles out on the cake – we don't want you to go out in a blaze of glory.

  2. ‘Happy birthday’!

    Amazing difference between one’s ‘emotional age’, ‘physical age’, and ‘intellectual age’.


  3. Just think, If you had been born only 10 days later, you would be a mere youngster of only 171/2 yrs (have just realized my mistake!) and not yet able to buy yourself a drink to celebrate

    Wishing you many more,

  4. A mere 11 months behind you, I recognise the looming number-phobia but also that some of my best pals never got this far, so it beats the alternative.

    Enjoy your day and then all the rest of them.

  5. Thanks everybody!  Having firmly squashed the idea of a "surprise party" I had a great, if somewhat noisy day [the Grandkids made most of the noise].  Herself stayed sober too.

  6. Congratulations on reaching your 7th decade! Hard to believe you were 56 when you started the blog. I could say that it feels like yesterday but that's only my mind slipping in and out of gear now and then.

    Being only (almost) 61 (next month) you could call me a young'un and you'd be right however…my body keeps telling me it's going on 80 so I have to be careful.

    All I know is that I have a young man somewhere inside of me looking out and wondering what the hell happened. Glad you survived your party.

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