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  1. Sure you read those pill instructions correctly?   Maybe it said "Insert one into each nostril four times a day".   Nasal leakage solved.   Might work for the shower too.

  2. Sorry to hear about the cat, but more so about your troubles.  Try a good dose of Jamiesons (or Paddys) and honey before bed. 

    Forget the shower they don't count.  Just stand in the rain for a while.  Sounds like you have enough to keep you clean.

    Night night.

    • Good suggestions.  I doubled my Jameson intake [but no honey in it – that sounds weird].  The shower is of little importance.  I'm used to my own odours.

  3. Seems it's a common issue with electric showers. Actually watched this chap, who happens to be Scot, with a fine lilting accent and the gravelly tone of an experienced smoker.

    What I gather is it ain't a huge big deal and parts are common between brands. Once you know how to name the knackered part, I'd suggest eBay.

    Of course you'll have the shower off at the switch and the fuse box, so facile of me to ever think you might forget. Big Sorry.

    • He doesn't mention leaks, but never mind – you've given me an idea.  I might buy a new unit and then ask Son-in-Law to do the replacing.  I will, of course, forget to switch off the mains electricity.  Accidents will happen….

  4. My condolences on your shower and your nose pain. Never heard of an electric shower though but I watched to video Smoking Scott put forth. Mine is plain old analog I guess. Tub/shower, 2 pipes, one for hot water, one for cold. Hot water comes from a hot water tank downstairs in the utility room.

    Meanwhile, back at the farm, it's currently dripping off the roof, dripping from the sky and dripping from my nose (fortunately I can wipe with no problem). It's also dripping from the hot water spigot in the tub but it always does that. Since we pay a flat rate for water from the town (they call it a city–ha!) instead of the metered variety I'll let it drip for now.

    May your nose be wipe-able/blowable in the very near future.

    • Electric showers are very common over here.  Personally I would prefer a standard non-electric gravity shower fed from the hot and cold systems, but that's not possible.  The reason is that the shower is only just below the level of the roof tank so pressure is non-existent.  The electric one provides a pump and heating so it's a very simple plumbing job.

      All dripping has stopped [bar the nose].  However we have yet more storms piling up in the Atlantic to drench us over the next week or so, so it's only a matter of time before all the drips start up again. 

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