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  1. At six years old I had to walk 3 miles each way to school.  Now at 73 I can't walk very far, but at least still think I can!

  2. Hi GD 🙂

    I think that it has been illegal to have the engine running when stopped in traffic in places like Switzerland for some years. And a hire car that I had in Finland a year or so ago turned off the engine when you put it in neutral with the handbrake on. Took ages to figure out how to disable this – and it reverted to same behavior after re-starting. This kind of stuff gets built in by way of standards compliance and then later made compulsory. Day running lights next…

    So, expect more of this stuff coming your way soon. The Climate Emergency means that we need Emergency Measures to Protect The Children (even if the snotty little brats deserve a good helping of Global Warming – as well as bed with no supper. It’s Old White Men like you that stole their future).

    Blighty, despite “Brexit” will still be afflicted by the same Emergency Measures. All her politicos have drunk of the same Big Green magic – and even if they hadn’t will still be compelled to shadow EU diktat – or no (trade flavored) soup for Blighty 😉

    Oh, and Happy New Year 🙂

  3. It's as if the government of Ireland were convinced they could solve the global warming situation all by itself. Considering how variable your weather can be plus your proximity to the UK and Europe itself, it seems it wouldn't make a whole lot of difference even if all of Ireland went to electric vehicles?

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