And here comes Brendan — 12 Comments

  1. My bit of seaweed nailed to the fence post is wet and waving about. All because of Storrrm Brrreendaaan!

    Last week during Storm No-Name it was soaking and horizontal.

  2. Can’t we have one with a really stupid name?
    Or maybe give names to lesser weather events?

    Storm Michael Finnegan?

    Drizzle Tracey?

    Warm spell Wodger?

  3. Storm Enataycup.

    Excuse moy Oirish accent.

    And then there is the one that can blow The Tonald away. (I can do teuchter too)

    Storm Eedaniels.

    I'll get my coat.

  4. They looked out of the window in the olden days. The only people who need regular weather reports are those at sea or flying aircraft. RADAR of course is very helpful.

  5. In the olden days they used to hope for the best but prepare for the worst.

    Unlike the current occupants of the world's biggest open prison, Australia, who despite knowing that bush-fires have happened since before their folk arrived in chains, now allow the Greenies to dictate that fire-breaks are bad for carbon and wildlife, thus enabling an infernal conflagration, which they then try to blame on man-made 'global warming'.  That's bollocks, Bruce & Sheila – put your tinnies down and try 'preparing for the worst'.

  6. I'll trade your windy and rainy for my cold and snowy any day. But I can sympathize about the over hyping of any given storm. Besides, up in my area the "experts" seem to be very confused when it comes to predicting the weather.

    For example,

    Today's weather prediction is cloudy with 2.2 inches of snow and tomorrows' includes an additional 1.6 inches. Now I'm no great mathematician but let me see–3.8 inches total over today and tomorrow? And yet, the official Weather Panic Alert bulletin states 6 to 10 inches for my area so who knows what the heck is going on. Last week they predicted snow showers with no accumulation during one day and we ended up with 8 inches of the stuff.

    Laurie and I have solved this unpredictability though. We just put the snow blower between the back of our Jeep and the garage door anytime it's cloudy and below freezing. We believe that if we show the weather gods we're prepared, there won't be any.

  7. “The Third Policeman”

    Heard it read many years ago on the Beeb’s “a book at bedtime” listening with crystal earphones plugged into a little radio I made using a ZN414, enameled wire and a bit of ferrite rod- and dimly recall the story…

    …so now downloaded as pdf and mp3, and listening to the latter now – ‘kin great 🙂

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