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  1. When I was working in Dungarvan a few years ago the radio was always playing a Dutch station at breakfast, with euro pop and everything in Dutch. One evening when I was having a pint with the owner I asked if he was Dutch ? 'no', Dutch ancestry ? 'no', any of your waiters Dutch ? 'no', then why is your radio tuned into a Dutch station at breakfast time ? 'oh, I just like the sound of the language, its so restful early in the morning !' 

    • Hah!  An interesting perspective.  It's true enough though – I can isten to French [without understanding most of it], but Spanish?  Nah!

  2. Up here in the wilds of the Northeast Kingdom near the Canadian border, all I can get on the traditional type radio is a local station that only serves up the latest horrible crap that passes for "today's music" (Called 'Moo 92', and it's building is painted like a cow of all things) plus another local station that is strictly country/western ('Kick' 105–if that actually means anything). All the other stations come out of Quebec so French Canadian music and lyrics are the norm there.

    If I want the classics I have to switch to AM which is fine unless I'm driving. Then whatever station I'm listening to fades out every time I go behind a hill–which is more often than not.

    • I had a look around for Interweb stations in your area.  There don't seem to be many all right.  Moo 92 and Kick 105 don't seem to have an Interweb presence though.  I feel cheated. 

      • Okay, Here's Moo 92's site (guess who the mascot is?):

        And it appears that Kicks 105.5 is out of Connecticut but obviously has a repeater up here in my part of the woods. Here's their site:

        And both have a Farcebook page as well although I've never banged into them. But I suppose the lack of decent radio stations is pretty much moot at this point, at least for me. I haven't been able to listen to music for a long time now as the hearing aids that I have do okay with the spoken word but that not all that well with music. Which really sucks for an ex-sound engineer who was raised with music.

        Be that as it may, I hope I don't shoved into the spam bucket for including two links in one comment?

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