Eating by numbers — 9 Comments

    • Heh!  That is scarily too close to the truth.  I can't wait to see what they'll come up with next.

    • The only thing I can say in its favour is that is sounds marginally less disgusting than insects and grubs.

  1. This is the new reality.Obey the masters or we will suffer.Obesity,lung cancer,drink problems,pollution from our cars.Only remedy behead the bastards.I am 81 and they are getting worse.

  2. A simpler solution than calory-counting is a points / star-based system. One point / star is green salad: five points is "Death by chocolate" or double bacon cheeseburger with all the trimmings (fries, onion rings etc.). The chef / cook could accurately assess each dish's rating from experience. 

    Dirt cheap, information delivered, problem solved. No public expense needed.

    • Therein lies the flaw, "No public expense needed" – 'public expense' opens the channel for careers, pensions, power and all the other aphrodisiacs craved by those who seek to destroy our freedoms.

      As Deep Throat advised at Watergate, "Follow the money" –  like 'climate change' etc, it offers a golden opportunity for the otherwise unemployable to suck on the public teat for life.

  3. From the way you cook your dishes it seems you and my wife have something in common. Measure ingredients? Ha!

    And, thankfully, my federal government hasn't gone as far as forcing restaurants and pub menus to display calories yet. Let's just hope they don't get any bright ideas.

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