Back from the dead — 8 Comments

  1. I read ,in relation to my own sleepiness, that the condition is, or was, considered to be a sign of clinical depression, the treatment for which I will never contemplate.

  2. When I sleep too much I'm either bored or depressed.  Either way my solution is to get busy.  Get up, get out and do something.

  3. It may be worth you checking the side effects of any medication you are taking. I was recently prescribed a new tablet for controlling blood pressure. About a week after beginning the course I was suffering from bouts of dizziness such that I was in danger of falling and doing myself damage. I was also nauseous for most of the day.Having taken myself off the things I saw my Doctor who promptly changed the tablet for another one. It pays to consult Dr Google about side effects.

  4. Takes a special kind of person to care enough to try to get to you in spite of the risk to herself. The Lady deserves a nice bunch of flowers. And they'll cheer the place up during these dark dreary days.

    • There is also the theory that she was just trying to reach the shelf where I stash her fags?

  5. Acquaintance of mine gets heart medication and describes continious tiredness … maybe let the medication be checked? Or at least talk to medicine man, he might have some useful ideas?

  6. I suppose it could be depression.  I am on intimate terms with that particular malady and I haven't felt depressed lately.  Or maybe I'm constantly depressed and am assuming that's the norm!

    They did warn me of the multitude of side effects of the medication and it's possible that tiredness is one of them.  I'll talk to Doc about it next time I see him.

  7. Sounds like medication side effects alright. Considering the situation as a whole perhaps something can be arranged to have someone come in every day just to check on you folks?

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