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  1. Saying, "Aren't you glad you're old?", just doesn't sound right. So as to your very last question of your post…

    Alana Officer: Okay looking but not exactly "old". No age info given but I'll say late 40s, early 50s.

    Regina Doherty: With a name like that you might be forgiven if you thought she was an old "Wrinkly" but she isn't. A rather pleasant looking woman, not young but most definitely  not old (48).

    Damien English: Nope, not old either (41).

    Jim Daly: Closer but still no cigar (58). He's also an Evangelist. Don't know if that means anything.

    Helen McEntee: An almost young'un (33) for heavens sake. Good lookin' too.

    Wayne Harding: Can't really find anything on this guy so it's up in the air as to whether he's a Wrinkly or not. One can always hope?

    Funny how all these "not old" people are supposed to be experts on what it means to be old isn't it?

    • I'll have to take you on as Researcher [in Chief].  Of course all officials know what's best for me.  The general population [and Oldies in particular] don't know how to look after ourselves so we have to be "minded" by the State.

      • Which, of course, begs the question as to how have you managed to survive so far?

        Researcher in Chief? I like it. Do I get my own office with it?

  2. Sickening aren't they. Whiny goverment employees entertaining other whiny government employees for doing a job they have been paid to do all at some fucker elese's expense.

    I'm sick of this shite. If there is such a thing as an asteroid with earth and have this motherfuckers written on its side in white paint it needs to get a wiggle on.

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