A waste of bleeding time — 7 Comments

  1.          I haven’t a fucking clue what this little magic eye does

    It's a flame failure detection device. If the flame goes out (for whatever reason) the control board needs to know about it in order to shut of the flow of oil to the burner. Otherwise you'll have an oily floor…

    So then it was bleeding time

    I'm sure you'll like this (if you haven't seen it in the past):

    • True, but in earlier days your flame-failure device was a simple thermocouple which cost about a fiver and lasted 20 years, now you get a bucket-load of dodgy electronics which, when it goes wrong as it inevitably will just out of warranty, costs you a few hundred quid to fix and needs an honours degree in difficult sums just to diagnose.   Progress eh?

    • Ah thanks!  Yes, that makes sense.

      Thanks for the clip.  The good old Doctor series of films…

  2. Although there are times when I long for central heating, like in the wee hours of the morning when the fire in the stove has long turned to cold ashes, I don't miss the old rituals of oil fired, hot water heat and the dust traps radiators that went with it. At least with a wood burning stove I don't have to bleed it–just feed it.

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