Jealous — 3 Comments

  1. As a committed Leaver, my delight in the election outcome is unrestrained.   Not only for the Brexit outcome but as a demonstration that frustrated voters can go to extreme lengths, albeit entirely peaceful ones, when they see their democratic will being disregarded so contemptuously.

    If only the baggage of unfortunate history could be consigned to the archive, a re-joining of Ireland with the UK would form a formidable unit, able to demonstrate to the evil EU why it is so wrong in so many ways and always will be.

    • I have often thought that Ireland and the UK are natural partners.  We share a common language, similar laws and at one stage we had a [nearly] identical currency.  We have common travel arrangements and are well integrated across the border with the North.  It makes complete sense.

      Get rid of the Windsors and we'll talk about it.

      • Under the provisions of the Memorandum of Understanding 1922 between the UK and Eire (Look it up, the provisions regarding residency are still in force), you can just move.  If you're Irish you can live and work in the UK without need for a visa or anything.

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