No smoke without fire — 10 Comments

  1. I know I have mentioned this before, but I live in north Norway. In  Norway the choices for heating the home are oil fired central heating, wood burning or electriciy (no piped gas). Fortunately electricity is relatively cheap (compared to income) in Norway as most is generated by hydroelectric plants, but having a wood burning stove as a back up in case of power outages is absolutely normal.

    Oil fired heating is relatively expensive and fairly unusual around our way. In the last decade or so a lot of new homes have been built without a chimney. This is so stupid that many households have invested in a steel pipe type chimney that can be installed through the roof. Difficult in a block of flats of course. Temperatures here on our little island can drop to -12 to  -15 centigrade so an extra jumper wouldn't help much and inland temperatures below -30 are not unusual.

    If anyone suggested banning wood burning stoves and fireplaces here I suspect there would be riots.

  2. Naturally the events  happening right now in California, where thousands are without electricity because their distribution infrastructure clapped out and proven to start  fires, is of no consequence to them.

    First thing they'll do is instal a 500 kw diesel back up generator in their parliament. 

    We're okay Jack, pull up the ladder. 

  3. In northern Spain,  wood burning for heat and cooking is quite common.  A ban might possibly be the spark to light a riot. 

  4. Gasifiying wood burners produce next to no smoke. Rocket stoves burn twigs very effectively although a tad smoky.

    Russian style tile ovens and dutch kachelofens are both mass heaters that keep people cozy warm on next to noo wood/twigs

    Any combination of the above and one is sorted, Fuck the pollies.

    What would make the Irish people annoyed enoug to torch the parliament?

  5. Don’t you know there’s a Climate Emergency(tm) Grandad? We need to Panic NOW !!! and do Emergency Things(tm) like banning fires because the Planet only has eleven and a bit years and its All Our Fault!

    Expect plenty of Emergency Measures comming your way soon…

      • We have 6 years actually which will most likely stretch out to several hundred thousand. By then we humans may be long gone and the earth will be long gone back to nature. Best yet, there  won't be any governments to screw over the people who are not there anymore.

  6. In Vermont a study was recently done on houses that were heated by wood burning stoves/furnaces. The conclusion was that wood burning for heat was almost a thing of the past in Vermont. It makes me wonder if these "researchers" went outside there little conference rooms and actually talked to all the home owners that still heat their homes with wood.

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