Hey ho for the open road — 6 Comments

  1. Why not give your car a bloody good thrashing with a branch off a tree?

    I'm sure I once saw a training film on how to do it.

  2. Dacia are made in Romania; hexes are a dime a dozen there, so it's perfectly feasible that any of the hundreds of people involved in making the bits, or transporting it decided to place hands on it, with dark in their hearts.

    Of course it could have been meant for Penny on account of her fouling their creation. However dogs are pretty good when it comes to the supernatural. She'd have sensed if real nastiness was in her boss's buggy.

    So I'd say the station wagon's not the issue, rather it's just your willing tool because, had you had to rely on the Ford, you'd most likely be deeply frustrated and spending far more on fuel as well as mechanics.

    • An eminently logical and faultlessly reasoned analysis.  I shall forgive the car all its trespasses and will blame Cat instead.

      • Now wait a minute!  Just because you have some Romanian car all full of Gypsy curses is no reason to blame the cat, Malone.  Malone loves you very much and now it's time to trade the wagon in on a non-cursed car.  Preferably a Ford or Mazda.  I drive a Mazda 3GT and it gets great gas mileage and is very comfortable.  Quit blaming everything on the poor kitty.

  3. I agree, the new rig isn't jinxed. It was merely provided for you in the nick of time probably by Fate and Lady Luck smiling upon you before your time of great need. Your old Ford probably wouldn't have made it out of the garage for the second trip.

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