Stark naked — 9 Comments

  1. Knowing you and your sense of humor I almost passed this post up but the more non-sensible part of me couldn't resist. Now I'm glad I did. Wish that kind of thing happened to me when I was young(er). I also wish I was the neighbor that the note was for.

      • Oh okay, you know I wouldn't miss a post of yours especially when leaving some sort of confusing, nonsensical, badly punctuated, comment is so enjoyable. 😉

  2. The standard joke is to say that if you had have fallen  from your ladder,  you   could have pole-vaulted to safety .

  3. The amplifiers in those days were notoriously dodgy and sometimes took hours to set up properly. 

    So I salute your determination to do a good job under, ahem, difficult circumstances.

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