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    • Hah!  Yes.  That is very familiar.  I never got to the jogging stage though as she kept insisting I had to walk.  I ended up looking like one of those Olympic walkers with legs wobbling like jelly.  I wouldn't mind but I normally spend my time walking up and down hills.  That's what comes of living in the mountains.

  1. I totally empathize, sympathize and any other word that ends in "-thize" that means the same thing. On the same note, I turned down the latest suggestion that I get yet another stress test on the basis that I just didn't want to do the damn thing it meant a 4 hour round trip and I really didn't want to fall asleep/pass out on the 2 hour trip back.

    I'd give you some advice on the non-sleeping thing but I'm an insomniac myself and never found a cure for it.

    • It took me two or three days to get back to normal after that visit.  The evening of the following day I had a series of dizzy fits which were a bit alarming as I hadn't had them before.  I do think that in this case the cure is worse than the disease!

  2. When I returned to live in England, I went to see the local GP who asked me about my experiences of the Irish health system. He said that one of the problems with the insurance funded system is that doctors overtreat. I told him that I had been scheduled to have an angiogram in 2016 and had declined it and was told I should have one in 2017. "Who was paying?" he asked. He thought there was no reason whatsoever for my six monthly treadmill tests and encounters with the cardiologist – which cost me €250 a time. 

    • An interesting point.  The cardio tests and all the rest are free [or at least they haven't charged me anything yet apart from car park fees].  However the repeat visits to the eye clinic are quite expensive [plus car park fees!].  I reckon I can get by with just ordinary visits to the local optician where I would only have to pay for new frames/lenses [plus car park fees!]. 

  3. Well, after that lot, I think that you can perfectly truthfully decline your next invitation for a Stress Test on the basis that the whole experience is – well – just too stressful!  They can hardly argue with you then, can they?

    On the sleep thing, I was told long ago that if you can't get off the sleep, the best thing to do is to get yourself comfortable in bed, and then just lie completely still.  Supposedly, if your body is completely still for 15 minutes, sleep starts to kick in automatically.  It works for me most of the time – sometimes even when I'm sitting still watching TV and don't want to drop off!  In bed, it works even better if you make sure that you don't open your eyes – not to check the clock, stare at the ceiling, turn on the radio – nothing.  Keep 'em closed!  Complements the stillness apparently and induces sleep even more quickly.  Might not work so well with a bad back though ….

    • Usually the eyes-closed trick does it for me but on that occasion it didn't.  Usually a night like that is caused by too much coffee or sugar last thing but that night there was no reason whatsoever.  Mister Sandman had just taken the fucking night off.

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