Puberty — 10 Comments

  1. Does this mean you will grow up into an adult?  Sex with Andrew could be a problem at your age.  Keep on ageing.

    • Jayzus! I'm not going to have sex with him [*my stomach churns at the thought*].  He sounds too sweaty anyway.

      • But he says he doesn't sweat, ever: even when banging a tidy 17-year-old – we've got to believe him, he's royal, ain't he: well, partly so some say.   What a dense, dissembling disgrace, more than one bauble short of a coronet.

        • Don't be silly – he's a royal – therefore he has flunkies to do the banging for him, which is why he doesn't sweat. I doubt Fergie made him sweat either…

        • I don't know where my previous reply came from but that's not what I wrote. This is what I wrote:

          You always say you're "too old". Well, maybe not always but most of the time–well, maybe occasionally then–well, I know you said at least once before.

          Maybe I'm getting too old to remember?

          Funny, this blog doesn't feel like it's 13. Wait, let me rephrase that…

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