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  1. We wouldn't be reading here if we were not interested in your opinions – so keep 'em coming!

    Never,ever, watched the Apprentice, but agree totally that idiots who wilfully join ISIS thugs should be made to stay with them until they are all killed off.

    Rant over, bnack to normal.  Should get your keybrd fixed.   How's the lurgy going?

    • There isn't anything wrong with the keyboard that I can ascertain.  It just likes paying silly buggers.

      Lurgy finally seemed to piss off over the weekend.  I'm sort of back to normal but Herself is still hacking away.

      • Unplug it and plug it in again. Worked for me. (Of course, if it's one of those new ones that hasn't got a cable then that's probably not very good advice.)

    • *sigh*  Okay – you got me again.  In my defence, one of the letters that keeps skipping is L.

  2. I still check in on this blog a few times a week.  I've lost track of the number of years I've been reading this now.  It's probably 10 at least.  Keep them coming GD. 


    • You deserve a medal for perseverance!  Just between the two of us – I'm extra conscious about punctuation because I am aware of the limitations of text readers!

    • "To date British royals have proven to be standard issue heterosexuals."  I have heard rumours of at least one [male] of 'em who had a fondness for young boys?

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