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  1. " Should every news item, regardless of topic, contain reference to the climate? "

    Might it have anything to do with this, then?

    "Over 250 news outlets and journalists partnered with Columbia University School of Journalism’s flagship magazine to shape control of “climate crisis” coverage in the lead up to the United Nations climate conference. The coverage-coordination initiative included directing how much time, space and prominence should be devoted to the coverage, and asking that climate “news” be added to seemingly unrelated stories."

    " Covering Climate Now
    is a global journalism initiative

    Our initiative includes more than 350 outlets worldwide, and dozens of institutional and independent partners, with a combined audience of more than
    1 billion people.
    We’re growing every day."

  2. Strange, but I read last night that David Attenborough was expressing delight that Whales were returning in large numbers to Antarctic waters.The suggestion was that a big factor in the rise in numbers is because they are not being slaughtered in large numbers by the Japanese.What was also mentioned was that there was plenty of food available .I would think that there must be ideal conditions there to sustain the growth.Climate Crisis my arse.

  3. Climate change is true, but it's also normal, it has always happened and it will always happen – remember the Ice Ages?  The difference this time is that a natural phenomenon is being used by those with agendas to pursue and by governments to impose policies and controls which would not otherwise be democratically acceptable. 

    Take electric cars as one example – the compulsion towards impractical electric cars has nothing to do with climate change, it's simply a foreign policy initiative to emasculate that most troublesome part of the world, the Middle East.  Without their vast transport-oil revenues, their power will be eliminated almost overnight and control will then revert to 'normal' – and all without a shot being fired or a bomb being dropped.   It's no coincidence that the Saudis are suddenly selling shares in their apparently lucrative oil industry, they know the game is up and want others to take the big hit as it fails.   Watch and learn.

  4. Maybe they're comparing the Irish press with the likes of the BBC, Grauniad and Independent. I think their reporters get a bonus if they work a climate change emergency angle into whatever story they're working on.


  5. You should look up Jeremy Corbyn's brother. He has a great view on extra carbon as the effect and not the cause.

    even takes out bets on the weather well worth a look.

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